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What to expect?

Upon your arrival, you will meet with a qualified staff member in an office. We will gather the potential resident’s health history. We will cover pricing and availability during this initial meeting We will cover any questions you may have about the assisted living or independent options. We will then tour the Welcome Home facility, you will see all the amenities. You will have the opportunity to eat a meal to taste the quality of our food. We will typically wrap up with any follow-up questions. Be sure to book today

The tour is free, the sampling meal is free. We will sit down together and discuss your situation and the best option and which living space is best for you. Pricing options will be shared during the tour. We are one of the most affordable options in Utah County.

The tour typically lasts 35 minutes-1 hour. This will allow us enough time to share what we offer, get to know about your loved one and share pricing options.

Yes! We love to come out and do home visits for folks that are really interested in moving into Welcome Home Senior living.  We will sit down with you and your loved one. We understand not everyone can leave their home. Fill out the form below and request an at-home consultation.